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Who Owns the Deals?

Who owns the deals? Who has the contracts? I get asked these questions almost every time a buyer contacts me to get information about properties that I market for sale. I understand that buyers want to get the best deals at the lowest prices, that is not only good business, it is common sense, it is the ideal situation in ...
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What is ARV and How is it Calculated?

After Repaired Value (ARV) is the market value of a property once all repairs have been done and the property is in move-in condition. If you are a wholesaler, a rehabber, an end-user, if you are any kind of buyer or seller, you need to know the ARV of the property you are buying or selling. The ARV is a valuable piece of information, it is ...
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Why Buy Real Estate From a Wholesaler?

By definition, supply chain is the process by which a person or company (wholesaler) buys products from a factory (source) in large quantities at highly discounted prices and then sells the products to another person or company (distributor) for a profit. The distributor adds value to the products and then sells the final products to another ...
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